Exercise your brains for exam preparation.

Whether you are preparing for GCE, GCSE, IB, PSLE, SAT, or any examination, it is imperative to get your brains fit for the exams. Try these few websites for free brain teasers:

1) Brainmetrix.com contains general games that tests most of brain activities.  IQ based, Cognitive and even Sudoku can be found free in here.

BrainMetrix.com screen capture by Wong Kin Leong
BrainMetrix.com screen capture

2) GamesForTheBrains.com is also a general brain teaser free games website that are simple for children to navigate. Just click on the links you find on the frontpage and you are all set to go.

http://www.gamesforthebrain.com screeen capture

3) BrainHQ.com is another website but it is slick and organised into memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence, and navigation exercises. However, it does need a sign up to get the basic tier games, and to access the full site there is a purchase involved.

by Wong Kin Leong eduKateSG
BrainHQ.com screen capture


by Wong Kin Leong eduKateSG Pinevale Tampines.



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