PSLE Science Syllabus 2015


For examination from 2010


The PSLE Science Paper assesses pupils’ attainment in Science with respect to the aims of Primary Science Education as stated in the 2008 Science (Primary) syllabus.


The assessment objectives are as follows:

  1. Knowledge with UnderstandingPupils should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles.
  2. Application of Knowledge and Process SkillsPupils should be able to:
    1. apply scientific facts, concepts and principles to new situations.
    2. use one or a combination of the following basic process skills:
      • Observing
      • Comparing
      • Classifying
      • Using apparatus and equipment
      • Communicating
      • Inferring
      • Predicting
      • Analysing
      • Generating possibilities
      • Evaluating
      •  Formulating hypothesis


The examination consists of one written paper comprising two booklets, Booklet A and Booklet B.

Table 1


Item Type

Number of questions

Number of marks per question

Weighting (%)











  1. I  Booklet A consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question carries 2 marks.
  2. II  Booklet B consists of 14 open-ended questions. Each open-ended question carries 2, 3 or 4 marks.

Duration of Paper

The duration of the paper is 1 hour 45 minutes.


the above is downloaded from  and is correct as of 3rd April 2015. Any revisions from this date on shall be updated by and updated with notes. This page is intended for use by edukate Singapore Tuition Centre students and parents for their reference and examination planning schedule. Kindly disregard if otherwise. Thank you.

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