Vocabulary list for Pri 2

MOE Syllabus English Tuition for Primary 2 Punggol. For our lessons and schedules, kindly call Yuet Ling +65 82226327.

For class this week, we have included this list of vocabulary words to be taught at home. As usual, introduce to child the words with the meaning, a few normal uses for those words in proper sentences, and with constant usage, your child will master and remember the words as part of their daily vocabulary.

The vocabulary lists for this week’s Pri2 students are:

  1. climate
  2. arctic
  3. confess
  4. continent
  5. crew
  6. custom
  7. decay
  8. deed
  9. digest
  10. elegant
  11. examine
  12. explore
  13. fatal
  14. frail
  15. gasp
  16. gradual
  17. habit
  18. imitate
  19. inspire
  20. locate
  21. loyal
  22. limb
  23. limp
  24. misery
  25. mystify
  26. nursery
  27. noble
  28. orchard
  29. ordeal
  30. origin
  31. pastime
  32. predator
  33. privilege
  34. rate
  35. rely
  36. remark
  37. respect
  38. responsible
  39. revive
  40. scatter
  41. schedule
  42. starve
  43. swift
  44. talent
  45. volunteer
  46. wise
  47. wit
  48. weary

Vocabulary for Primary 2 English List of Words to be learnt in Academic Year week 30 for eduKate Punggol Tuition Centre. Kindly administer to your child, with consistent use.

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Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Joint Photography project for Prime Minister’s Office and STB by Yuet Ling
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ION Orchard, photography project with Singapore Tourism Board.

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